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The BSI app helps compare product sustainability

Explore the sustainability performance of our coil coatings

To make the sustainability of our products valuable, we had to find a way to improve, measure and catalogue our offer. That is why we developed the Beckers Sustainability Index (BSI) – a metric that evaluates and quantifies the sustainability performance of our products.

Now, the BSI has been complemented by an app that makes it possible to explore the sustainability of our coil coated building materials. The app is designed for architects, designers, building planners and steel makers: individuals or companies who are involved in the planning or construction of a building and aim to work with green materials without compromising on the design. It allows to compare and contrast the credentials of our coatings on the basis of both their material and functional sustainability.

You can select from one of five different building elements and then define the desired features, colour and surface finish for your end use. After selecting your preferences, you will see a matrix displaying which systems best meet your needs and offer the most sustainable solutions for your project. You can then explore more about each solution, including its technical characteristics, and request further information.

“At Beckers, we strongly believe in providing solutions that meet today’s needs without compromising those of future ge­nerations. The BSI app offers an easy way to find more sustainable coil coating materials and shows clearly that our coatings can do much more than decorate,” says Nicklas Augustsson, Beckers’ Global Sustainability Director.

He adds: “With the BSI app we lead the way towards a more sustainable building design. We show which of our coatings are produced with sustainable raw materials and highlight functions that fully support green building trends.”