28 July 2021

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Dr. Miranda Johansson to join European Green Deal Task Force

As global leaders in Coil Coatings, Beckers has a bold and publicly stated sustainability ambition.

We are delighted that we have been given the opportunity to delegate one of our technical managers to a new European Task Force set up to monitor the EU political agenda as we move towards a zero carbon economy. For Beckers, being part of the Green Deal Task Force set up by CEPE, the European council for paint, printing ink and artist colour, as its representative for coil coatings is a chance to influence policy, drive long-term systemic change and show the positive impact our industry can have.

The Green Deal Task Force is acting in an advisory capacity, advocating on issues that affect the sector and helping companies take a sustainable-by-design approach.

Miranda Johansson is technical manager R&D for Coil Coatings in Sweden. As well as having been an active member of Beckers’ Sustainability Committee between 2017-2019, she brings deep technical knowledge as a research scientist and R&D practitioner:

“I hope I can bring a voice from the coil coatings industry into the task force and give a clear picture of where our business stands when it comes to sustainable work and development.”

Gavin Bown, Beckers’ CTO, also endorsed the appointment of Miranda Johansson to the Task Force: “Beckers has the clear ambition to be the world’s most sustainable coatings company, and is investing significantly to make this a reality. I am therefore delighted that Miranda will be taking up this important role with the CEPE EU Green Deal Task Force. Miranda has been at the forefront of some of our Sustainability-focused innovations at Beckers in recent years, and with her exceptional knowledge and understanding of the coil coating market, customers, products and technologies she is very well placed to bring great insight and value to this role.”

Miranda Johansson sees a strong synergy between the objectives of the European Green Deal and Beckers’ own journey and ambitions:

“We want to become the most sustainable coatings company in the world. That’s a big ambition and we’re proud of this vision,” she says, adding that: “Sustainability now runs through everything.”

Acting as an ambassador for the sector is a core part of Miranda Johansson’s remit on the CEPE Green Deal Task Force, which will develop positions on critical topics relating to proposed legislation and political initiatives, engaging with stakeholders including business organisations, consumer groups, elected officials and international media.

Miranda Johansson: “It feels as if it is all coming together, like a circle. Everything is going hand in hand. The implementation has accelerated.”