Façades and walls

Aesthetics and protection

The coatings used for façades and walls must be able to protect the substrate from corrosion, abrasion and UV damage. But increasingly, aesthetics and appearance retention are becoming important attributes as well.

A wide range of products

Keeping the exterior of a building looking fresh and new can be challenging. While a façade is an elegant component that helps define the aesthetics of a construction, it also plays a critical role for weather resistance, energy performance and image conveyance of a building.

Beckers offers a wide range of coatings covering all the requirements of today’s market for façades and walls. Our coatings are designed to minimize maintenance, resist physical and chemical damage, reflect infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and even reduce heating and cooling costs. Available in many colours and textures, they also allow for higher formability and less maintenance.

In addition to the standard products, and since we listen closely to the needs of the markets, we can also offer a comprehensive package of special products, or even develop a bespoke range to fulfil specific requirements.

A glimpse of our coatings for façades and walls


This comprehensive range of amino-cured polyester-based coatings is available in different versions for indoor or outdoor use with varying levels of hardness, formability and chemical resistance properties. Products are available for all end uses, including building, transport, caravan and domestic appliances.



Beckry®Tech is a complete coating system of primers and topcoats which jointly ensure a paint film with optimal characteristics.

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Also available in French, Spanish and Russian upon request at [email protected].



A new approach to thermal control of buildings to reduce the energy demand for heating and/or air conditioning. Beckry®Therm utilizes high durability technologies based on Beckry®Tech or Beckry®Fluor.

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Also available in French upon request at [email protected].

Our most UV-resistant topcoat system based on a blend of polyvinylidene fluoride and acrylic resins in 70/30 – 80/20 ratios. Available in mid to low gloss levels. Only the most durable pigments are used to achieve the Beckry®Fluor colour range. Isophorone-free grades are available.



A multi-layer decorative system providing a uniquely aesthetic appearence of the coated surface, and a whole range of exclusive effects, designed for outdoor architectural market.

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Metal Effects

Aluminium and steel can be attractive materials in their own right but our special-effect coatings will add a further dimension in terms of visual appeal. Brushed or polished, glossy or silky, or with a matured and aged look; our metal-effect coil coatings combine consistent quality with excellent formability, effective corrosion protection and proven weather resistance, maintaining a stylish finish far into the future.

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Also available in Spanish and Russian upon request at [email protected].



With its reinforced polyurethane chemistry having excellent UV durability and flexibility, combined with resistance to surface scratches, Beckry®Duro can be used with a high build primer to achieve total film thicknesses of 50 microns as an alternative to PVC plasticol in some applications. 

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Continuous innovation

Working in close cooperation with coil coaters, architects, product designers and engineers across the globe, Beckers is recognized as one of the industry’s leading innovators. Many of our product innovations are the result of collaboration with our customers, as well as intensive research by expert teams in the Beckers Long Term Development Group in the UK.


Services to match your needs

At Beckers, we believe in the spirit of genuine partnership. As well as supplying products, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative services. These include specialised products and just-in-time production as well as technical support around the globe.
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