Rainwater systems

Premium protection

Rainwater systems play a crucial role in improving the life span of buildings and housing by reducing erosion, preventing leaks and water infiltration, protecting the surfaces of a building and preventing rot issues. At the same time, they help maintain the aesthetics of the building. Beckers offers several coatings answering the requirements of today’s market for rainwater systems.

Beckry®Max and Beckry®Tough

Beckers' High Build System offers a broad range of application options. Whatever your climate, corrosive environment, or cost parameters our systems offer the optimum balance between application properties and long-term performance.

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Continuous innovation

Working in close cooperation with coil coaters, architects, product designers and engineers across the globe, Beckers is recognized as one of the industry’s leading innovators. Many of our product innovations are the result of collaboration with our customers, as well as intensive research by expert teams in the Beckers Long Term Development Group in the UK.


Services to match your needs

At Beckers, we believe in the spirit of genuine partnership. As well as supplying products, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative services. These include specialised products and just-in-time production as well as technical support around the globe.

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