Environment Health and Safety

Safe working environment

The Beckers management puts great emphasis on providing a safe and healthy working environment by focusing on prevention of workplace accidents and illnesses in all of our facilities. The impact that all our activities have on Environment Health & Safety (EHS) is a fundamental part of how we conduct our business. Our ultimate goal is to have no accident or incident, and we will seek to meet this goal by continually improving against challenging annual targets.


We own EHS

The management of Beckers always aims for a zero Lost Time Injury (LTI) rate. All of Beckers’ employees take ownership of EHS on the site and any activities associated with it. Everybody strives for safety excellence and all of us are working towards safety standards and focusing on achieving zero LTIs. An annual Global Safety Day ensures that everybody stays on top of EHS.

Our approach towards zero LTI:

  • All Beckers sites create their own EHS improvement plan
  • We provide structured education on the importance of EHS
  • We actively promote and enhance safety thinking.
  • We continuously review and update the Beckers Loss Prevention Standard.
  • We aim to introduce a core EHS team to review best practice and further build on the policies and procedures.
  • We continue the global roll out of the 5S plan
  • We publish results consistently to show our serious commitment
  • We arrange an annual Global Safety Day

EHS Policy

Each and every Beckers employee is expected to contribute towards a higher safety standard. Only if we all work together as a team towards reducing risks can we avoid having accidents and come to ’zero by choice’
Christophe Sabas, CEO 


Compliance with regulations and standards


As a downstream user of chemical substances in the European Union (EU), we cooperate with suppliers, importers and other stakeholders to meet all the requirements of REACH (Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). REACH register numbers and exposure scenarios are continuously updated and published in our Safety Data Sheets. We closely monitor the registered use of substances and inform our customers continuously of any new findings.

For further information about Beckers and REACH, 
contact us at: [email protected] 

ISO and OHSAS Certifications

All of Beckers’ employees strive for safety excellence and all of us are working towards safety standards. We are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 to help us continually improve our environmental and occupational health and safety record globally. 

Our ISO certificates