Domestic appliances

Meeting the highest requirements

Domestic appliances have stringent hygiene requirements and high expectations of chemical and mechanical resistance as well as excellent gloss and colour retention. They have to withstand sticky fingers, regular bumps and crashes, and routine wiping and cleaning with chemicals.

Durable and aesthetic

Beckers’ coatings for domestic appliances combine ultimate durability with unique aesthetic finishes. They are developed to protect and enhance the design for appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, radiators and more. We keep track of what consumers are looking for and we understand the constant demands and stresses put onto appliances, whether at home or in industrial use.

Our wide range of coatings for domestic appliances secures:

  • Excellent stain and scratch resistance
  • High corrosion and chemical resistance
  • World-class colour matching
  • Special tactile properties such as soft touch
  • Anti-microbial capability
  • Reduced susceptibility to dirt and improved fingerprinting functionality


Safe and sustainable

All our coatings for the domestic appliance industry meet the most stringent performance requirements. All coatings produced by Beckers for Domestic Appliances are also ROHS (Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliant.

At Beckers, we have taken the most demanding tests found among the various European OEMs specifications and built our own, all encompassing, test method. Our so-called EUDA test programme is unique and ensures that coatings developed by us will meet the requirements of every OEM.

We have also developed a range of domestic appliance coatings using a significant proportion of bio-sourced raw materials. Please contact your local Beckers representative to discuss your requirements.

We continue to invest in the research and development of these types of coatings, with the aims of both increasing the bio-sourced content and introducing renewable/recycled raw materials. This will contribute to our goal to provide the world’s most sustainable industrial coatings.

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Continuous innovation

Working in close cooperation with coil coaters, product designers and engineers across the globe, Beckers is recognized as one of the industry’s leading innovators. Many of our product innovations are the result of collaboration with our customers, as well as intensive research by expert teams in the Beckers Long Term Development Group in the UK.


Services to match your needs

At Beckers, we believe in the spirit of genuine partnership. As well as supplying products, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative services. These include specialised products and just-in-time production as well as technical support around the globe.

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