16 November 2023

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Beckers ranked 2nd for our industry in European Diversity Leaders ranking

Beckers Group has confirmed its position as one of Europe’s Diversity Leaders in the latest rankings released this month by The Financial Times.   

The rankings, which are based on data collected from a sample of over 100,000 staff across all sectors, rate the success of Diversity & Inclusion efforts by employers. Metrics looked at include gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ+, age and disability, with scores based on surveys completed by current employees. It was compiled in collaboration with Statista and is a well-recognized and respected benchmark in the industry.   


  leader in diversity  
  •     Beckers jumped to #2 for the sector Oil and Gas Operations, Mining, and        Chemicals, 
  •     In Germany we are now #4 across all sectors. 
  •     We also entered the Top 30 for all EU organizations regardless of industry,      coming in at #28 of 850 companies ranked.


How the rankings were reached  

In an online survey, a sample of Beckers colleagues were first asked to what extent they think their employer promotes diversity on a scale from 0 to 10. They were then prompted to give their opinion on a series of statements surrounding the topics of age, gender, equability, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation (LGBTQ+).   

In addition to the survey, other indicators of commitment to diversity were taken into account. This included the share of women in management positions, diversity policy, website, social media, and actions organized to promote diversity.

On the right path

Beckers scored particularly highly on gender-ratio, with actions such as the allyship program and various wellbeing initiatives at sites contributing to a culture where leaders from traditionally under-represented groups can emerge and thrive.  

Judith Jungmann, Beckers CHRO comments: “At Beckers we are passionate about building an inclusive environment and driving awareness about diversity and equity in the workplace. We saw that the concept of allyship has resonated with our colleagues immediately and has inspired the urge to change things – even outside of work – for the better. This is a long-term effort with lots of little steps that ultimately make the difference.” 

While this ranking applies only to Beckers in Europe, it can be regarded as a boost for all our teams worldwide as we work towards the Diversity & Inclusion strand of our 2030 Sustainability Goals.