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Our latest Sustainability Report details a ‘chain reaction of positive transformation’

Our latest Sustainability Report, out now, shows how Beckers is raising the standard of care for our world by improving not only our own performance but by leading the way in our industry and inspiring what the report calls a ‘chain reaction of positive transformation’.

In addition to tracking our progress towards our 2030 Goals, this year’s report tells a story of why, in an industry intrinsically tied to chemicals and carbon, embracing sustainability is a complex, multi-layered endeavor:

From rethinking what “sustainable products” means, to fostering more collaborative and insightful relationships with our supply chain, we are committed to a deeper, more transparent understanding of what true sustainability entails.

Elsewhere, the impact of the goals can be seen to go beyond the initial intentions, creating ripples of change:

The priorities of 2023 have already initiated changes to follow in this decade, and we are seeing the positive effects we can achieve in our value chain as we create and inspire more stories of sustainable transformation. 

One of the highlights of this year’s report is the relaunch and validation of the Beckers Sustainability Index (BSI). In 2023 we increased sales of BSI Achiever products by seven percentage points meaning BSI Achiever products now make up 41 per cent of sales.

BSI is changing the conversations we are having with customers and suppliers, and we are seeing how this is powering sustainable transformation up and down the value chain.

The report also catalogues ongoing efforts to increase our use of renewable energy in a smart way. This year we shifted two more percentage points on renewables, primarily by switching to renewable electricity. 58% of the energy we now use as a group is renewable.

In an introductory video for the report, Christophe Sabas, Beckers Group CEO, reflected on 2023 as a year where the focus stayed centered on the future and how to adapt our business to the changing world. It was also a year in which several projects requiring collaborative efforts, capacity building, and long-term research came together.


Looking ahead, communication and true integration of sustainability throughout our value chain provides us with an opportunity to strengthen our position and realize our 2030 Goals.” Christophe Sabas, Beckers Group CEO


Access the full report here


If you have questions or require further information, please contact our press office in Berlin: [email protected].