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Eddie Baron

Research & Development Manager in Elk Grove Village, USA


“Every customer issue is its own unique puzzle to unravel.”

Eddie Baron works as a research & development Manager for Beckers North America in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. He has been working here since 2012 and started as a chemist straight out of university. Today, he leads a team of chemists and technicians that is responsible for the qualification of new raw materials, new product developments and conducting accelerated and long term weathering programs. For Eddie every day is different. There are always things to test or investigate and he spends a lot of time on continuous improvement: analyzing existing processes and test methods and looking for ways to make them more efficient is a big part of his daily work.

The most interesting part to him is developing new products and processes. His team tests cutting edge equipment in the industry to find better ways of performing everyday tasks. They look at new materials and formulations to overcome customer issues or to improve our products. He likes that he has a direct connection to customers and working with organizations like the National Coil Coaters Association (NCCA) and the American Standards and Test Methods (ASTM) to help improve the coil coating market as a whole. To him, Beckers is one of the rare employers where employees are given so many opportunities to be successful and make a difference in their work place.